November 2, 2009

NY-23 analysis

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Over the weekend, leftist GOP nominee Dede Scozzafava withdrew from the NY-23 race. She then promptly endorsed the leftist Dhimmicrat.

Predictably, the AP and other so-called “news” organizations started crying loudly that this proved there was no room in the GOP for “moderates.” (I won’t dignify the opinion piece they pass as news with a link.) Get back to me when the Dhimmicrats have even one conservative – excuse me, “moderate” – in their Congressional caucus.

At any rate, this looks like a (smallish) win for Palin in positioning for 2012. She was the first to endorse Hoffman. Pawlenty eventually followed, but only after a “I don’t really know anything about the race” gaffe; makes him look like an opportunist. Gingrich lost big with his appeal to the wisdom of local party bluebloods. Romney neither hurt nor helped himself with his non-position.

There’s an avalanche coming. It’s up to the GOP to decide if it wants to be part of the landslide – or if it wants to be buried.

UPDATE: Politics Daily reaches a similar conclusion.


October 22, 2009

A Hoffman endorsement?

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I haven’t commented on the Doug Hoffman/Dede Scozzafava race in New York because (1) I’m not anywhere near there, (2) it hasn’t had a lot to do with the main topic of this blog, and (3) “GOP establishment pushes incompetent leftist/moderate over solid conservative” is sort of a dog-bites-man story these days.

That being said, NRO’s Campaign Spot has an interesting rumor:

Don’t take this to the bank, at least not yet. But somebody who seems to be in a position to know what’s coming down the pike in New York’s special election tells me that he’s hearing Sarah Palin will publicly endorse Conservative Doug Hoffman over Republican Dede Scozzafava.

Palin, at least, seems to understand the problem with the GOP is not that it’s not leftist enough. Does any other national figure?

UPDATE: It’s true.

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