June 24, 2009

On Sanford

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What a shame that Governor Sanford lacked the personal integrity that he’d shown politically. Such a waste.

And here I thought I was long past being able to be disappointed by Republican politicians…


June 19, 2009

On Letterman/Palin

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Seems I should say something about a creepy old man talking about sex between baseball’s most overrated steroid user and a girl he obviously views as an un-person by virtue of her parentage.

On the one hand, I can buy that Letterman (a knee-jerk dumb lefty if ever there was one) confused the two daughters and wasn’t arguing in favor of underage sex.

On the other hand, that doesn’t make it any better. Would he have said something like this about Obama’s daughters? Chelsea Clinton?

Of course not. And he ought to be fired.

Of course, he won’t. Because he didn’t say it about a Dhimmicrat’s daughter.

Me, I’d love for Todd Palin to have five minutes of lawsuit-immune, cage-match time with Letterman. (So they could talk over their differences, of course. What were you thinking?)

Big Hollywood’s John Ziegler has an exceptional run-down of the whole sordid mess, including the press covering for Letterman.

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