November 14, 2008


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It’s the Chicago way.


November 12, 2008

The death of America, continued

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I’d previously posted that October 14, when the GOP-led federal government locked CEOs of banks in a room and forced them to sign over large portions of their institutions – was the death of America. Now, continuing evidence of it. The Feds have decided buying toxic assets – the whole reason for the bailout package – isn’t good enough; no, they’ve got to buy up the banks themselves!

We’re past the tipping point.

In the end, we’re going to wind up with nationalized banks, nationalized manufacturing, everyone depending on the government for their livelihood, the government as mother and father. And, like every other time in human history we’ve tried this brilliant scheme, it’s going to bring disaster…

November 7, 2008

I think it’s called a “kickback”

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Link here.

Nineteen banks taking taxpayer money from the Treasury Department have spent $32.4 million lobbying the federal government during the first nine months of this year, their lobbying disclosure reports show.

Combined, the Treasury is investing in the banks $159 billion from the $700 billion financial rescue package approved by Congress last month. None of the banks has indicated it plans to stop lobbying.

Let. Them. Fail.

November 5, 2008

An appropriate clip for this morning

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I can’t be the only one who equates the center by center-left Republican elites with the Scottish nobles above…

Seriously, though, a quote from author Andrew Klavan (via Peter Robinson): I know it’s unsophisticated to say it and so on, but every now and again, we have to remember… we could’ve been born Saudis or Kenyans or Chinese… but we got unbelievably lucky, unbelievably blessed. When you’re born American, every day should be Thanksgiving. So on we go.

November 1, 2008


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As a Conservative, I Must Say I Do Quite Like the Cut of this Obama Fellow’s Jib by T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII

But there is an even more compelling reason to support Barack Obama: Sarah Palin.

If you are a conservative like me, you guffawed when you heard John McCain announced this declasse rube as a running mate, followed by good-natured applause, thinking it was some sort of whimsical campus prank he was reenacting from his Annapolis years. This was, of course, quickly followed the shock of realizing that he wasn’t joking, and all that Hanoi unpleasantness had finally driven him around the bend.

It’s an inescapable conclusion that this woman has, in 6 short weeks, single-handedly destroyed the Republican party. Certainly George Bush may share some of the blame; but we conservatives must remember how our hopes were buoyed by his impressive bloodlines and Yale degree before we realized his excursion to Texas had caused him to “go native.” But la Palin offers true conservatives no such extenuating graces. I mean, my God, this woman is simply awful; the elided vowels, the beauty pageantry, the guns, the crude non-Episcopal protestantism, the embarrassing porchload of children with horrifying hillbilly names, the white after Labor Day. As fellow conservative commentator Andrew Sullivan quipped to me the other day outside a Martha’s Vineyard antique shop, it’s gratifying to know the Gipper isn’t alive to see what has become of his party.

Read it all.

One of the more amusing/sad things to watch this election has been the blue blood GOPers (you know, the ones who’ve had every slot on the GOP Presidential ticket except one in my lifetime) reacting in horror to Palin. After all, conservatism is a talking point at dinner parties (well, some dinner parties), not anything to live by. Nice to know who the quasicons are in advance of 2012.

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