September 30, 2008

Debunking: The rape kit myth

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Myth: Under Sarah Palin, the city of Wasilla, Alaska, charged alleged rape victims for tests until state law stopped this practice.

Fact: There is no evidence to support this. No alleged rape victim from Wasilla has come forward, even anonymously, to testify they were charged. No documentation of such charging has ever been shown. Statements by Dhimmicrats in 2008 that Wasilla practices were the cause for the 2000 state law contradict their statements and the record of the time.

Documentation: Here and here.

Chronology: Here.


September 26, 2008

Dog bites man roundup (9/26/2008)

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Today’s “dog bites man” roundup:

  • Cindy Michaels, a Bangor, Maine TV anchor who has long hair and glasses (like you-know-who), has been receiving hate mail and crank calls. And, since this piece is running on MSNBC, I’m sure she’ll be getting even more.
  • Jim Geraghty notes that the Code Pink moonbat who tried to rush the stage during Palin’s convention speech met with fellow anti-American whackjob ImADinnerJacket Wednesday night. I suppose the enemy of her enemy (that would be me and you) is her friend.
  • San Friskies are refusing to buy a certain organic Chilean wine because of its name – Palin Syrah. Maybe they should change the name to “Izquierdista Estúpido”?
  • Redstate’s Dan McLaughlin notes that in addition to “gotcha” journalism, Perky Katie and SeeBS have also selectively edited the video. Well, at least it’s a half-step up the scale of journalistic integrity from “accepting forged documents from an insane moonbat.”

AP: Palin didn’t return donations quickly enough!

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Associated Pravda’s daily contribution to the Obama campaign appears today in the form of an article from Steve Quinn and Justin Prichard. It reports that Palin gave back $1030 in campaign contributions from two corrupt politicians and concludes:

By October 2006, Palin’s campaign had received $30 from Weyhrauch in addition to Cowdery’s $1,000. Separately, Cowdery’s wife, Juanita, contributed $1,000; she is not accused of any wrongdoing, but Palin is giving that money back, too.

The fact that Palin had kept Cowdery’s donation was notable, given that on July 10, the day after he was indicted, the governor issued a statement asking him to “step down, for the good of the state.”

Because, of course, every candidate pores through their contributions, looking for every possible donor who could have ethical problems. Especially those that give $30.

More amusing is the attempt to make this “notable” $1030 the same as the $159,000 Rezko gave the Obamanation (that doesn’t include the house).

September 25, 2008

Dog bites man roundup (9/25/2009)

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Today’s “dog bites man” roundup:

  • Kathryn Jean Lopez contrasts New York Slimes condescension toward Palin with its praise of Obama’s foreign policy “expertise.”
  • Matt Voltz of Associated Pravda says the eeeevil McCain campaign is running Alaska while Palin is on the campaign trail. Fortunately, no one has to worry about who’s running anything while the Obamanation is on the trail.
  • Elswhere, Assocaited Pravda stumbles across a YouTube video of Palin being blessed by a Kenyan pastor. Apparently, the anonymous author(s) of the story have never encountered Pentecostalism before, which makes for a tone sounding like they’ve encountered an alien culture. If only she’d belonged to a church of gay Thor worshippers…
  • Left-wing, anti-Palin blogger Katie Allison Granju gets caught repeating the unproven “Palin used her Yahoo! email to conduct state business” meme. We’ll see if she hears back from the meme’s originator or not.

Story? What story? No story here.

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SpliceToday’s Robert Stacy McCain (no relation, I expect) wonders why the major media quickly became disinterested in the hacking of Sarah’s email account.

For two days, the hacking generated extensive news coverage, because Palin’s use of Yahoo e-mail was related to complaints about her conduct as governor, including a dispute with former supporter Andree McLeod that had been reported in the Sept. 10 edition of The Washington Post.

As Post staff writers Michael D. Shear and Karl Vick reported on Sept. 18, a group of hackers said they had published the Palin emails “to expose what appeared to be her use of a personal account for government business.” Yet as “rubico” himself said, the hacked Yahoo account apparently contained nothing scandalous at all.

The initial flood of coverage of the Palin email saga soon slowed to a trickle, however, even as new and shocking information about the case was revealed. Why? Instead of revelations about a Republican scandal, the story’s focus quickly shifted to a federal crime investigation with a Democratic suspect. The major media’s interest evaporated just as quickly.

I’m sure it was just a coincidence.

Sarah Palin kan’t speel

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How bad have our friends on the Unhinged Left been this cycle? Bad enough that it took me two reads to realize this was satire:

Misspelling Found in Palin’s Personal Journal

Media Bubble, Sept. 20 — John McCain’s presidential campaign is reeling this morning upon allegations that his running mate, Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin, is a poor speller. The charge stems from a passage found in her personal journal, which was obtained by the New York Times via an anonymous source.

“Trig was born one week ago today,” the journal’s Apr. 25, 2008 entry reads. “I love him so much. This is such a joyus [sic] time for our family.” has no entry for “joyus.” However, “joyous” is defined as “joyful.” Palin has ignored all requests for comment on the controversy, which has been dubbed “Dummygate.”

Or at least I think it’s satire. It’s hard to tell these days. Read on for the rest.

September 24, 2008

Free Sarah Palin!

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Memo to the McCain “campaign”: You have a telegenic, likable, well-spoken running mate. You have a leftist media that’s show that in the absence of access, it will gladly invent stories. You nominated her to help gloss over the damage you’ve done to conservatives. How about letting her do that?

McCain and company can’t really be jealous of Sarah’s popularity with conservatives, can they?

Dirty old man hits on Palin

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Ex-Commander-in-Creep Bill Clinton doesn’t fear Palin – though what he says is enough to make you wish he did.

“I come from Arkansas, I get why she’s hot out there,” Clinton said. “Why she’s doing well.”

Speaking to reporters before his Clinton Global Initiative meeting, the former president described Palin’s appeal by adding, “People look at her, and they say, ‘All those kids. Something that happens in everybody’s family. I’m glad she loves her daughter and she’s not ashamed of her. Glad that girl’s going around with her boyfriend. Glad they’re going to get married.'”

Ew. That’s creepy even by Hannibal Lecher’s standards.

Naomi Wolf: Palin stole my kids’ report cards!

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Palinoia strikes! Apparently the governor of Alaska is stealing the report cards of Naomi Wolf’s children. No, really! Honest!

Almost everyone I work with on projects related to this campaign for liberty has been experiencing computer harassment: emails are stripped, messages disappear. That’s not all: people’s bank accounts are being tampered with: wire transfers to banks vanish in midair. I personally keep opening bank accounts that are quickly corrupted by fraud. Money vanishes. Coworkers of mine have to keep opening new email accounts as old ones become infected. And most disturbingly to me personally is the mail tampering I have both heard of and experienced firsthand. My tax returns vanished from my mailbox. All my larger envelopes arrive ripped straight open apparently by hand. When I show the postman, he says “That’s impossible.” Horrifyingly to me is the impact on my family. My childrens’ report cards are returned again and again though perfectly addressed; their invitations are turned back; and my daughters many letters from camp? Vanished. All of them. Not one arrived. Try explaining that to a smart thirteen year old. Try explaining it in a way that still makes her feel secure and comfortable.

One wonders if Wolf checks for Palin under her kids’ beds at night.

September 17, 2008

The Palin name generator

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Link here. I’m not sure whether to be amused or creeped out.

BTW, I’m Trowel Ogre Palin. Who are you?

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